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Your future self

Who are you becoming?

Do you have a clear vision of the man you want to be? Do you think about it often? Keep that vision of the man you are becoming in front of you. Think about it each morning and each day. Why? This is your fuel. This is the gasoline in your tank. It is your perseverance fuel. It's what is pulling you forward. Take a minute and think about why you ultimately want to be free from porn. Is it because of guilt? Shame? Fear? These feelings are good catalysts to help you start taking action. But they are not good long-term fuel to help you persevere forward. Think about those feelings like fossil fuel. When you burn them consistently, when you are regularly being fueled by feelings like shame, guilt, and fear, it has harmful, toxic side effects. It is not a good long-term fuel source for this journey. But a positive, inspiring, exciting vision of the man you are seeking to become, that is green energy. It is powerful, lasting fuel that helps drive you forward without harmful side effects. So keep that vision of the man you want to be in front of you. Let it excite you. Let it fuel you to keep going, to not give up, to believe that you CAN live in true, lasting freedom. I know you can. I'm living proof that it can happen. Let your future self pull you forward. -Dan

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