P.A.T.H. Plan

In the free Missing Piece guide I describe the three step strategy that became the game changer for me in finally experiencing real, lasting freedom from a long struggle with porn.


Here is that same strategy in a form that is easy to remember, and most importantly, implement:


P - Pause

A - Acknowledge

T - Timer

H - High five!


Let's break it down.


P - Pause. When you first notice that urge to watch porn, simply stop what you're doing, and take a breath.


A - Acknowledge the feeling. After you've paused and taken a breath,, simply say these words to yourself: "Hm, I am feeling the strong urge to watch porn." This separates yourself from the feeling. Acknowledging the feeling puts you back in the driver's seat, rather than being driven by the urge.


T - Timer. Immediately set a timer for 10 minutes. The timer could be on your phone, or on the computer. You are simply allowing the urge to be there for ten minutes, without giving in to it, and without trying to fight against it or push it away. Think of this as completing one "rep."


H - High five yourself! When the timer goes off, you've completed a "rep." You've taken a real step towards the fresh air freedom. Celebrate the win! Note the win on your phone, or in a journal. Or get a clear jar and put in a small pebble for each win. High five yourself and make a visual record of it so you can go back and see your progress often.


My hope is that this acronym will help you know exactly what to do when that next urge arises.


Remember, the next time the urge comes:


P - Pause

A - Acknowledge

T - Timer

H - High five


Let's go!


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