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Getting Your Reps

How many reps do you have?

How many marbles do you have in your jar? How many notches do you have in your journal? How many "high fives" have you accumulated? Each time you successfully process the craving to watch porn using the P.A.T.H. Plan, you're effectively practicing a skill. You're doing an exercise, building a muscle, getting in a solid "rep." You could call this skill: urge mastery. As you practice this skill more, as you build up this muscle, you get better at it. And the end result of building this skill of urge mastery is freedom. I live in freedom today, after over 20 years of porn addiction, not because I am super disciplined or extra smart. It's simply because I have a large number of reps under my belt. It's a skill I've practiced many times. It's a skill I've honed, owned, and continue to practice. Do you want to be free? You just gotta get the reps. It's hard at first. It feels clunky when you first practice any new skill. You can bet on this, you can expect it. It's normal. But if you want to be finally free, just start. Get one rep today. If you don't feel that craving to watch porn, you can actually practice the P.A.T.H. Plan on different cravings, not only the craving to watch porn. Think about something else in your life that maybe you wish you consumed less of. Maybe you'd like to cut back on sugar. Maybe you'd like to drink less alcohol. Maybe you want to try cutting back on watching TV, or sports. These are all difficult things to cut back on because, similar to porn, you will inevitably reach a point in your day where you get the strong craving to eat that bowl of ice cream, or veg on the couch and watch your favorite show, or drink alcohol. The wonderful thing about the P.A.T.H. Plan is that it helps you process cravings for other things. And, you are still building the skill and getting a rep, which will help you whenever you feel that next desire for porn. You just gotta get the reps. If you just start and keep at it, if you persist and don't give up, I promise you it will start to feel more natural. You will get better at it. It will start to become second nature. You will start accumulating reps. You will become a Jedi master when it comes to that surge of desire. You will start experiencing wins and victories that you never thought you could. The urges will start to become less intense, and gradually, less frequent. You'll start to feel the excitement as you begin to experience what real freedom looks like, and that it's actually possible for you. You just gotta get the reps. If you want to be free, just start. And here's a great way to do it: A few months ago, I issued a challenge to get five "reps" of the P.A.T.H. Plan each week for four weeks. This means after four weeks, you'd have twenty reps accumulated. When you reach this point, you will absolutely know what it feels like to process that urge when it arises. You will have serious practice at this skill, and you will have a foundation of freedom in place. Here's my offer: if you simply reply to this email, I will send you the Four-Week Challenge to your email each week over the next four weeks. I'll even go through the challenge with you, answering any questions as you implement this plan into your life. What's stopping you? The path is in front of you. And the fresh air of freedom is up ahead. Next step, Dan

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