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Have you tried over and over to stop watching porn but just can't?

Hey, I'm glad you're here!

My name is Dan Johnson. I've set up this hub to share the plan and life-changing concepts that helped me gain rapid and sustained freedom from porn and other unwanted behavior.

Because this strategy has been such a game changer in my life, and because I had never heard about a strategy like this in my 20 years with this struggle, I knew I couldn't keep it to myself.

Maybe you've tried dozens of times. Maybe even hundreds, or thousands of times. You've tried everything, but nothing seems to work. You keep going back to it.


You just can't break free.


I know that feeling of hopelessness. I was there. For 20 years. 


For two decades I could not break free from this addiction. 


I tried everything. I told friends, family members, my wife, I've had accountability partners, I've read books, I've set up filters, I've joined support groups. I even saw a counselor specifically for this issue.

Were these things helpful?




Was it enough to help me finally break free of this addiction?



I still couldn't break free. I kept coming back to it. 

It deeply affected my marriage, my relationships, my mind. It produced so much shame, fear, guilt, and hopelessness. I wanted so badly to be free of it once and for all.


And I was so angry that even with these positive strategies in place, I still wasn't experiencing sustained freedom.

Then, I found the missing piece in my plan.


I finally discovered and implemented a strategy that addressed the direct cause of the behavior I was trying to stop.


And...I began having victories that I had never had before. Again and again.


I can't explain the excitement, the exhilaration that this brought! It was a feeling of freedom, of breathing new, fresh air. Of new possibilities.


I am not extra smart, and I am not anything special. But I know the feeling of failing time and time again, of feeling hopeless, believing that I'll always struggle with this. 



I know the feeling of finally experiencing real, lasting progress. I know the feeling of having victories I've never had before, of seeing and feeling my mind change. It's a feeling of hope, of excitement. Freedom. 

And now, I am desperate for more guys to experience this feeling.


So what about you? Are you tired of trying again and again to break free of this addiction? Are you ready to experience some real, lasting progress?

If the strategies you've tried over and over have been hit or miss, don't give up. There is another way.

You CAN be free of porn and have it out of your life once and for all.

Click the link below to get the "Missing Piece" guide, and start your journey towards lasting freedom!

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