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A few years back I went hiking in the Colorado mountains with some friends. Every so often I would see a big pile of rocks along the trail.


I asked my friend who lives in Colorado about this. He explained that they are called cairns. (Pronounced like the word "care" with an "n" at the end)

They serve as trail markers, guideposts, to guide you along your way. They help you know you are heading in the right direction, that you are going where you want to go.


Think about this journey you are on, pursuing true freedom from pornography. The strategies and concepts that help you reach your destination are like cairns. They are the trail markers, the signs, the guideposts that assist you as you take each step forward. They help you know that you are on the right path. That if you keep going, you WILL reach your destination.


They are almost calling you forward.


The ideas and strategies that I am sharing with you are the "cairns" that led me to the fresh air of freedom, after struggling with porn addiction for over 20 years.

You can review these "cairns" below anytime, so that you can then put them into practice. This is where you can come for encouragement, reminders, and guidance.


Think about these cairns as guideposts that, if you follow them on your journey, WILL lead you to the amazing destination of lasting freedom.


Journeying with you,


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