What does freedom actually look like?

Want to think about something really cool?

Imagine yourself one year from now, living in complete freedom from porn. It feels amazing. It's like walking unhindered after carrying an enormous, constant weight on your back. The shame, the guilt, the fear; all gone. The future suddenly feels wide open to you. The possibilities seem endless. Now think about this: To live in complete freedom a year from now, what would that look like? What would have to happen? Living as a free man, do the urges to view porn magically stop? Does living in freedom mean you will never again feel the desire to watch porn?

No. I can tell you from my own experience that while the urges do decrease as you implement this strategy, as long as you are a functioning human male, the urges to watch porn will continue to surface. So, think about it. You are living in complete freedom a year from now. But the urges haven't stopped. They probably never will. If living in freedom doesn't mean you stop feeling the urge to watch porn, what is freedom then? Freedom is knowing how to process the urges when they come. Picture yourself again in one year. From now until then, how many times will you feel the impulse to watch porn? Dozens of times? Hundreds? Thousands? The difference between you struggling with porn a year from now and you living in blissful freedom is not whether you will HAVE those urges. The difference is how you handle them. So again, want to think about something cool? Imagine yourself one year from now, living in complete freedom from porn. You still experience urges to watch porn. And when the urges come, you're not concerned. You know exactly how to handle it. You've developed the skill to process the urge. You have a clear plan that works. And as time goes on, you get better and better at it. The more urges you process, the more you develop that skill (just like any skill!). Ready to get started? Here is the plan that led me to the freedom described above: P.A.T.H. Plan Let's go! -Dan

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