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Heights and the urge

I don't know about you, but I don't do well with heights. And, I love indoor climbing. Not the greatest combination.

The other day I was high up on a climbing wall. And I noticed the heights really starting to get to me. I started to feel tense, nervous, shaky, and because of this my form really started to suffer. I stopped for a moment and realized what was happening. So, I paused right where I was. I took a breath, relaxed, and... I looked down. I just spent a minute looking down and breathing. When I did this, the feeling of fear surged in me even more. But I kept looking down, and kept breathing. So why in the world would I look down if I knew I would experience even more of that unpleasant, unsettling feeling of fear? Because I knew if I could intentionally feel that fear, over time, the heights wouldn't have a big impact on me anymore. If I am consistently able to handle the feeling of fear when I am high on the wall, if I can allow that feeling to move through me rather than overtake me, what's going to happen over time? The fear of heights will not affect me nearly as much. This in turn will help me be a better climber. I may still experience occasional feelings of fear when I am high off the ground, but they won't be nearly as intense. And most importantly, I will have had enough practice to know how to handle the fear so I don't give into it, and it won't affect my climbing. That feeling of fear is similar to that intense feeling you get when you have the desire to watch porn. Think about when you are in a situation or circumstance that stirs up that intense urge. Maybe you have some time alone in the house when that urge arises. Maybe you're feeling stressed and want some relief. When that intense feeling to watch porn arises, if you can intentionally feel that urge and let it move through you, and do this again and again, you can be a free man. THIS is the ticket to freedom. If you haven't actually tried this yet, the next time you experience the urge to watch porn, try these steps to handle the urge: P.A.T.H. Plan Journeying with you, Dan

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