Go From Unsure to Unshaken

Maybe you can resonate with this.

Not that long ago, when I would feel the intense craving to watch porn, if I didn't give into it right away I would often go into scrambling mode. "Should I go for a walk? Maybe if I watch a favorite show or movie, the desire will go away. What if that doesn't work? And what do I do after the show is over?!" When I found myself flooded with the urge to watch porn, it felt like I was grasping at straws. Not only was I not thinking as clearly, I literally didn't know what to do. I desperately wanted to not give in to the urge. I was so over it. I was ready to be done with the shame, the guilt, the fear of being found out. I was desperate for freedom. But I was at a loss what to do with that intense desire! Nothing that I had tried ever gave me a winning track record. Can you relate at all? Well, I have excellent news for you. I finally discovered that there IS an effective, applicable, concrete way to handle and process that intense desire in a healthy way, so you don't have to give in to it. I've broken it down into four steps called the P.A.T.H. Plan. When I discovered this and decided to implement it, for the first time in over two decades I felt confident in relation to this struggle. I felt empowered. I felt ready for the next urge. I was almost looking forward to it, because I knew it would be another "practice session" to get better with this plan and build what I found out was actually a skill. I went from grasping at straws to saying, "I got this!" Would you like this same confidence? Would you like to go from feeling unsure to unshaken? When you have a plan in place, a concrete, step by step, actionable plan, your confidence skyrockets. If you don't already have it, get a free one-page copy of the P.A.T.H. Plan at newpaths.me/plan. Make the P.A.T.H. Plan your go-to the very next time the urge hits you. You CAN have confidence and hope that freedom is possible for you! Journeying with you, Dan P. S. Have you checked out the new podcast yet? The New Paths Podcast with Dan Johnson is available on most podcast players. Or you can listen here: The New Paths Podcast with Dan Johnson. And don't forget to subscribe so you're notified when the new episodes become available!

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